London (UK) - This spring, London's Victoria & Albert Museum will explore the ideas of luxury today in an exhibition called "What is Luxury?"

Running form April 25 to September 27, 2015 the exhibit will showcase over 100 examples of contemporary design and craftsmanship including a laser-cut couture dress by fashion designer Iris van Herpen and fine examples of haute horlogerie by British watchmaker George Daniels, alongside more disparate projects which explore the cultural value of materials such as gold, diamonds and plastic.

Bowls by the artist Chung Hae-Cho created entirely through building up multiple layers of lacquer will be placed next to a menswear ensemble by designer Carol Christian Poell, known for his devotion to critically examining and perfecting techniques of tailoring.

US artist Gabriel Barcia-Colombo's DNA Vending Machine containing pre-packaged DNA samples will invite visitors to consider our increasing access to biotechnology and how privacy and ownership of one’s own DNA may become a luxury in the future.

As V&A curator of Contemporary Furniture Jana Scholze and co-curator of "What is Luxury?" recently said, "The exhibition will challenge common interpretations of luxury, invite close examination of luxury production and extend ideas of what luxury can be. Essentially, the question of luxury is a personal one."