Milan (Italy) – Britney Spears has decided to go square, Dsquared that is. The pop icon asked the designers behind the brand to design the clothing for her "The Circus Starring Britney Spears" world tour, which began early March in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Canadian twins Dean and Dan Caten of Dsquared are continuing to seduce young Hollywood starlets and pop royalty with their designs. The Circus Tour, Britney's first arena tour in five years, will feature custom designed costumes for Britney and her dancers for the first segment of the concert. Traditional circus characters such as trapeze artists, clowns, and jugglers are given a reinterpreted aesthetic with provocative, sinister, and sensualized sado concepts.

Each concert will begin with a video segment on stage featuring a star studded medley of personalities. As Britney calls out to the freaks and weirdoes of the circus, Dean and Dan appear as her new-found ring-masters, dressed in tails and heels, ambiguously sexualized and indiscriminate. Arrays of talented characters make a provocative grand entrance from beneath the skirt of gossip king Perez Hilton. Britney will then appear dressed in a Betty Page inspired lingerie dress, equipped with a bowgun, challenging the gossipers and paparazzi.

Appearing as both the beast and the ringmaster, Britney's first on-stage Dsquared costume is inspired by a seductive, circus lion-tamer. She will appear in a red jacket with royal blue duchet cuffs and gold braided details. The jacket's shoulders, covered in long flowing animal hair, further enhance the look. The costume is topped off with a replica cheetah head adorned with black tulle and ostrich feathers. Equipped with fishnet stockings, lace up boots and a whip, she is ready to take on whomever is thrown into her ring.

Britney's second look lies beneath her first. As she peels off her ringmaster persona, she is exposed as a sexy dominatrix in a three-piece vixen corset and panty set enriched with Swarovski crystals and draped chiffon. In this look Britney is surrounded and ultimately thrown into a cage by a parade of chain-bound, dancing sex slaves in leather hoods.

Additional Dsquared costumes will feature menacing "sado-clowns," Parisian balancing acts, salacious centaurs and chiseled and chained Houdini men.

Sketches of the looks of the dancers of "The Circus Starring Britney Spears" world tour. © Dsquared.

"We are enormous fans of Britney, and have been waiting for the perfect opportunity to collaborate with her," said Dean and Dan Caten. "We searched for a different interpretation for this tour, starting with the traditional idea of the circus and then abandoning it. We wanted to create something much more provoking and indecent… something animalistic and primal.

The world of the circus is full of contradictions in balance, wonder and desolation, dust and stars, angels and demons. But despite all this, one thing that remains constant is its dream-like element, capable of assembling the public with artists, and catapulting one outside of reality.

We are confident that this tour partnership, an autobiographical tribute for one that has always been in the spotlight: scrutinized, watched, imitated, photographed, criticized and loved, will be an enormous success."

The Canadian-born twin brothers are nothing short of an international phenomenon. They showed their first ready to wear collection in Milan in 1995 and catapulted into fashion superstars, designing men and women's collections, sunglasses and accessories and even launching a fragrance line in 2008.

Since the very beginning, the brand has always attracted nternational pop stars, including Madonna, Christina Aguilera, Rihanna, Usher, Beyoncé, Justin Timberlake and now, Britney Spears.